Insurance & Reimbursement

FORCE supports people and families affected by hereditary cancer, empowering them to self-advocate and obtain expert-recommended screening, preventive services and treatments.

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Overview & Oversight
A variety of public and private sources provide health insurance in the U.S. The majority of Americans with health coverage—about two-thirds—have private health insurance. The remainder of people with health coverage get their benefits through public programs. Learn more about the types of health insurance and the agencies that oversee these programs.
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Genetic Services
Most public and private health insurance plans cover genetic counseling and testing for people who have specific personal and/or family histories of cancer. Some health insurers require genetic counseling prior to genetic testing. This section provides information on coverage of these services through private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.
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Screening & Prevention
A majority of health plans cover specific cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies at 100% beginning at a certain age. Preventive screenings at an earlier age or beyond those recommended for the "average risk" population may not be fully covered. Here, we explain more about the coverage guidelines and how to get the services you need.
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Most public and private health insurance plans cover the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Coverage and patient costs for specific doctors, facilities or treatments vary based on your health plan. Even with health insurance, many people encounter significant out-of-pocket expenses for treatment. Learn about the basics of coverage as well as resources and financial aid to help with the costs.
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Clinical Trials
The benefits of research study participation include access to the most advanced innovations and scientific thinking or being one of the first to access a new treatment or prevention approach. Does enrollment in a clinical trial affect your health insurance coverage? Does it cost you anything? Learn about the insurance policies and resources that help offset out-of-pocket costs.
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Health Insurance Appeals
People with a genetic predisposition to cancer need many screening and preventive services, and individuals with hereditary cancers may require different treatments than the standard care. Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs for these services varies. FORCE is dedicated to helping members of our community self-advocate for coverage of all recommended interventions.
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