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Celebrating 25 Years of Empowerment and Hope with FORCE

January 01, 2024

Celebrating 25 Years of Empowerment and Hope with FORCE

In 2024, FORCE will reach a momentous milestone – it is our 25th anniversary!

After a quarter century of raising awareness, we’ve proven that knowledge is power and information saves lives. We’ve established the identity and the needs of the hereditary cancer community. We’ve made unprecedented progress in educating and supporting our community. We’ve positively influenced legislation that helps those affected by hereditary cancer, established the need for research that includes the hereditary cancer population and secured much-needed enrollment in clinical trials.

As we celebrate our unwavering commitment to our mission, we would like to share a video that highlights our journey, the impact we’ve had, and the hope we continue to offer to those affected by hereditary cancer.

FORCE could not have accomplished so much without the support of our generous donors, caring volunteers and devoted staff. Most importantly, our community and organization would not be where it is today without our founder, Sue Friedman. Recovering from breast cancer in 1999, she started FORCE on New Year’s Day with the goal of providing support to those with a BRCA mutation. She was a staff of one, and over time her goals expanded to make meaningful changes in information, support, advocacy and research to improve the lives of all individuals and families facing many hereditary cancers. As we reflect on our progress over the past 25 years, that goal still guides us.

We’ve come so far and have accomplished so much, but there is still much to do. Even as our community expands, as many as 90% of people with an inherited mutation are unaware of their increased cancer risk. We are committed to reaching as many of these people as possible, so they can have the information and resources they need to make informed decisions.

Fortunately, we are not slowing down. With a growing community, our organization is well-positioned to face the next quarter-century with the same determination and passion that have defined it so far. Our greatest hope for the next 25 years is that research and medical advances will provide even better answers and options for those affected by hereditary cancer.

As we honor the past and look to the future, we hope you will help us celebrate the spirit of FORCE and the incredible difference we have made in the lives of countless individuals and families. Happy 25th anniversary to us and to our entire community. Here's to many more years of ensuring that no one faces their hereditary cancer journey alone.

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